Spices, Oilseeds, Pulses, Foodgrains, Raisins, Seasonings, etc.

"Good food is one of life's great pleasures; Herbs and spices, the cook's rich treasures"

Eskay International – member of various Esteemed Organizations like Spices Board, APEDA, IOPEA, FIEO etc. is engaged in processing and trading of Spices (whole and grounded), Oil Seeds, Pulses, Food grains, Onion, and other  Seasonings in its purest form in the International Market. The Company with its strong marketing network,well established infrastructure with required expertise headed by handpicked professionals playing a major role in both International & Domestic trade.


ESKAY assures our importers and enthusiasts the best products in a highly competitive price without any compromise on quality through its impeccable control over its supply ,right from the procurement till the product reaches the customer,moreover our friendly knowledgeable and professional crew through a Quick Response System will help,inspire ,educate and solve any agri commodity related quieries for our valued clients and also strive to be outstanding at what ever we do.

Management as a team consists of professionals with more than fifteen to twenty years of experience in agricultural commodities- exports and imports....